There’s no freedom like the freedom that comes from accepting yourself.

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Hi Cesare Borgia… Don’t know who that is? Google him, and then google his deception.  Religion is deeper than what it seems. When the bible describes Jesus, he looks nothing like the image of this strange dude. He was described as having hair like wool and dark skin :/ .. So who is this??? I’m prepared for the hate messages and the “it doesn’t matter what colour Jesus is” … If that’s the case, why lie in the first place?. I posted this to spark conversation.. History is so interesting!!

Jesus would not have such features as described above, however he would also not be white.If anything his features would be more Arabic, thus tan and he could still possibly have had the long hair.

So the bibles lying about his features now? I’m confused.. Lol

The way that Jesus is described in the bible can be identified with what we now know to be middle eastern 

If that’s what makes you feel comfortable. But thousands of years ago, before Europe even had a civilisation you do realise that the natives were all black right.. And only when they started to travel further away from the hot climate did they get lighter.. You can still find drawings and statues of the black Jesus and Mary (madonna) in Italy, dated thousands of years ago..

So everyone was black at one point? Everyone will be brown at one point too.  What we dhould be talking about is deception in the bible… or the contradictions.

Isn’t that what we are doing.. 😐

 according to ” heaven is for real” Jesus did have blue eyes and curly hair but he was also Jewish and not a majority of Jewish people are black they’re more of an olive skin tone and certain religions like to paint the picture of Jesus in their own image that’s where we get the distorted version of Jesus. It may not be accurate but it’s they’re own depiction of what they think he looked like. The image that was presented in the book ” heaven is for real” was the closest image found according to a small boy in Nebraska that had a near death experience and claims to have walked with Jesus.

When I’m high I think I walk with Jesus too, should I tell you what he looked like and write a book? Lol

That image was created by white European settlers to keep those of darker skin tone from believing that they can be powerful and create miracles. That image is to ensure that everyone knows the white skin is superior. The same reason no major movie or tv show has a black or colored hero will make it to a broad audience. This image is oppression.

The end.

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